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Hotlap Validation (06-Jan-2008 14:16)
To the GP4 Drivers,

I have to inform you that I'm currently not able to validate all GP4 hotlaps. For unknown reason some hotlaps crashes GP4 while loading them into the Game.
For now I will validate only Hotlaps that are able to load into the game, all other hotlaps will remain unvalidated until I have found a solution for this problem.

Unfortunately nobody out there seems to have any interest in helping me validating hotlaps, so you have to live with the fact that this will take very long to validate, I cannot handle this all alone including Coding etc.


Forum removed (26-Dec-2005 10:08)
As there have been found numerous exploits in the past regarding the phpBB forum I've decided to close and remove the forum for now.
So far the forum was not used anyway I think no one would miss it.

I wish you all nice holidays and a happy new year!

New Admin: Mammuthus (28-Mar-2004 18:49)
Since today Mammuthus is now an official admin for the GP4 section!

Cleaned up the driver list! (04-Jan-2004 21:56)
As we had too much inactive drivers in the driverlist I've decided to clean-up the list and deleted all drivers that did not have uploaded a single hotlap in the past year.
Of course these drivers can register again at any time in case they decide to join again the competition.

Rules where updated! (19-Jul-2003 13:45)
The rules have been updated, see the F1-Timer forum for additional informations.

New versions from HofXLap and GPxPatch released (26-Jan-2003 12:08)
SDI has released at 18-Jan-03 new versions of their tools HofXLap and GPxPatch. These updates are mostly bugfixes and support for the GP4 Patch V9.6 was added, too.
See also the announcement in the F1-Timer forum board.

New F1-Timer forum is online! (18-Jan-2003 16:14)
As I plan to combine both the Forumbard and my F1-Timer I decided to move the forum to my own server. So I can easily implement features inside the board and make the whole thing a bit more comfortable than it was in the past.
The new url for the board is:


As soon as I have finished new features I will post these news in this forum.

F1-Timer is online again! (17-Jan-2003 00:46)
The move to the new server is successfully finished and the Service should be run like hell now :)
All data after the 14-Jan-03 is lost and must be entered again, sorry for that.
Happy driving to all you guys!

GPxPatch V3.30 released! (11-Jan-2003 22:32)
SDI has released a new version of their GPxPatch tool (V3.30), which is compatible with the official gamepatch V9.6.
All drivers which have installed the official 9.6 patch have to install the latest GpxPatch version before submitting hotlaps.
See download section for the latest version.

New feature: Top nations list! (11-Jan-2003 22:26)
The rankings are enhanced with a list of the best driver-nations.
Keep racin!

New: Team-Ranking / Changing of F1-style points (10-Nov-2002 14:02)
Since today a new ranking is availabe called Top-Teams. This will list you the teams gaining the most points. Filter settings are identical with the driver ranking filters.

Also I have changed the F1-style points to match the new FIA rules. So F1-style points are now given:


instead of before:


Feel free to leave a comment in our forum!

New Feature: All-Time records! (06-Oct-2002 16:43)
From now on F1-Timer keeps track of the best times driven for all tracks. You will find in this list all drivers which have managed it to reach the pole position with their times. This allows to check out how the times have improved over the time.
Of course only after validating the hotlaps new entries will be added to that list.
You can find the history under the menu entry Ranking. If you have suggestions or other feedback for F1-Timer, feel free to post to our Forum ((www.f1-timer.de/forum/)

F1-Timer forum now ready! (07-Sep-2002 00:58)
As some of you have already asked for a message forum for F1-Timer is now finally available. Just visit the Links Page and click on the top-most banner. You have to register for a new account as we cannot automatically register you at the forum.
Have fun discussing

GP4 Patch - Update (02-Sep-2002 23:40)
After some testing the only bad thing I\'ve found was GPxPatch V3.03 not working any longer after installing the Update. So if you want to continue submitting your hotlaps, do not update your GP4 until a new Version of GPxPatch is released. I will post a new version as soon as it is released here in the download section.

GP4 Patch released!! (02-Sep-2002 21:12)
Today Infogrames finally released to long-awaited Patch for GP4! So all you driving guys out there head on to http://www.infogrames.de and download the latest official patch (5.6MB).

It is currently not known if this patch influence the performance of the cars. If news arrive about this topic i will post them here.

Because of the well-known FPS cheating problem and other cheating tricks I\'ve decided to change the rules on F1-Timer.de. First the page was redesigned as you may have noticed, and also the driving rules where changed. It is now absolutly required to use GPxPatch V3.03 to send in your hotlaps, all hotlaps which doesn\'t have the GpxPatch Informations from V3.03 inside will be deleted. This is also true for existing hotlaps.
You can download this tool in the new created download section.
I hope that you understand this neccessary step, and let us now fight together a hopefully fair battle for the best times.