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Register Rules


All hotlaps will be checked by our admins.
The following rules must be followed without any exception:

- Only drivers with valid E-Mails are allowed, invalid e-mails results in removal of that driver.
- All Hotlaps must be driven with Grand Prix 4 and the current version of GPxPatch V3.03. All hotlaps which did not contain the GPxPatch informations will be deleted immediatly.
The following checksums must be visible in your hotlaps:
init, car, damage, cc checksum (i.e.: 37f471ff, 00000000, 1d9ee4d5, aeeaa58c)
And GPxLap must state: Session started normally OR Session loaded from a GPxPatch extended game. Everything else means illegal hotlaps and will be deleted!
- It is not allowed to use patches which modify the physics or the performance of the cars. Your car must have a maximum of 855BPS an a minimum weight of 605kg. You can of course use patches wich modify the driver names and/or the graphics, as long as these patches did not modify the performance.
- You must drive all hotlaps in Free Practise mode only. Your name used in Grand Prix 4 must match the name you use in F1-Timer. If they did not match that hotlap will deleted.
- All drivers will be put in one of two categories (racemodes), if someone sends a hotlap which did not match his race mode, that hotlap will be removed.
- Please review the following pictures to see how you must drive your hotlaps:
Curbes are part of the track and can be used as long as your car does not leave the track.
NICHT Erlaubt
Shorting or leaving the track is forbidden!
NICHT Erlaubt
Hitting the walls is strictly forbidden!

Description of the Two Race Modes "Simulation" and "Arcade"
To made comparisations between the times possible all drivers will be put in one of the following categories:

Simulation: Allowed driving aids: Automatic gearshift (F2), Tractioncontrol(F7), Undestroyable (F4).
No other driving aids are allowed. Drivers using analog steerings (either wheel or analog joystick) fall in this category as long as they do not use more driving aids than listed above.

Arcade: Allowed driving aids: All.
Keyboard and digital Joystick drivers will be sorted in this category because of the always activated steering help. Of course all other drivers are sorted here as long as they use more driving aids than listed under Simulation.

You can of course always change your race mode, but keep in mind that as soon as you change your race mode all of your currently available hotlaps will deleted at once! This is true for every change you made, so do not blame the administrators if you have changed the mode and all your hotlaps are removed at once!

In case of wrong datas given here by any driver our Admin crew will first remove all hotlaps from that driver. If the driver continue to give wrong datas, this driver will be deleted and if neccessary also banned from this site!

And WHY the hell is this neccessary? - That's an easy answer. You cannot reach the times from drivers using i.e. Steering Help, as this aid allows to drive much faster through curves or schicanes, not to mention that you can modify the setup of the car in a way that would be absolutly undriveable under Simulation mode.